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The Vault - Secure Document & Data Storage

About The Vault
The Vault is a free application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that can securely store all your passwords, login credentials and any other confidential information.

It can even securely store any number of photos! Either from your camera roll, or a picture taken directly from your camera.

An in-app-purchase is available that enables The Vault to securely store any type of document, no matter what. If you are storing photos or PDFs, you can view, email and print them directly from within The Vault. In addition you can view Keynote presentations, Number sheets, Pages documents, Powerpoint presentations, Excel sheets, Word documents, RichTextFormat documents and plain-text documents.

Click here to download the full text of the in-app Help Documentation as a PDF.


Frequently asked questions

Why can't I store my Notes in different folders?
You can! Make sure Folders are turned ON on the Preferences page.

How can I change the Wallpaper background image?
Swipe from the left edge of the screen and choose "Customize" and then "Change Wallpaper".

How can I search for Text within an open Note
Swipe from the left edge of the Note screen and tap "Search".
To continue searching: Swipe Left for "Find Next" and Swipe Right for "Find Previous".

How can I reduce the size of my The Vault database?
If you are storing many Photos in The Vault, your database my quickly grow in size. Here's some tips to reduce that size:
1. When adding Photos from your camera or library, select "1/16th size", instead of "full size". For most purposes you may find that it is not necessary to store a multi-megapixel image.
2a. For Photos already stored in The Vault: long-pressing and selecting "Convert To JPEG" greatly reduces the memory footprint of that photo. If the "Convert to JPEG" option is not available, the Photo is already in JPEG format (which as of release 4.0 is the default format).
2b. For Photos already stored in The Vault: single-tap the photo to show its information bar. Then tap the information bar. The information window will appear that has a slider that lets you reduce the size of the Photo. If you find that you reduced the Photo too much, tap the "Undo changes" button to undo your changes to the Photo and try again.

The Vault is "trying to open" a file/movie/document from Safari/Mail
The Vault is not "trying" to do anything. There is no way for The Vault to modify the actions of other applications.
When you have a file/document open in Safari (or Mail, or Dropbox, or AirSharing or any app that knows how to communicate with other apps), The Vault is often shown in the list of apps that can handle that file. For example when Safari cannot view a file/movie/document you are trying to open, it tries to help you by showing any other app on your device that *can* handle that type of files. The reason The Vault is shown is that Safari recognized that The Vault can *securely store* the file you have opened.
Why do I have to pay to open a file/movie/document from Safari/Mail
You don't. Please see the answer to the above question.
In Safari/Mail/etc I can no longer use "Open in..." to send documents to The Vault
iOS has a maximum number of apps that can be listed by "Open in...". (The actual maximum depends on the type of device and iOS version). If for example you have more than 10 application that know how to handle PDF files, The Vault may no longer be listed just because of that. The only solution is to delete some of the other apps.
I previously purchased the SecureBackup/Import/Export/etc feature. Do I have to pay again to reactivate it or to install it on another device?
No. Provided you use the same AppleID on both devices, you can tap "Restore Purchases" to reinstall any previously made purchase, for free. Alternatively, you can just tap Buy and confirm the purchase. After that, a message will popup saying the second purchase is free of charge.
When I use the Secure Backup & Restore feature I can download my data from a website. Is that secure?
Yes. The "website" you are seeing in Safari is hosted *on your own iPhone*. Only on your local WiFi network and only while the Secure Backup page is open on your iPhone.
Can The Vault generate a password for me?
Yes.  Swipe from the left edge of the Note screen and tap "Generate password".
How do I reset / clear / empty The Vault?
To reset The Vault just delete the app from your device and reinstall it from the App Store. Obviously this will also delete all data stored in The Vault. After reinstalling from the App Store you can reinstall any in-app-purchases by tapping the "Restore Purchases" button on the Preferences page. You will not be charged again.

I forgot my password, is there a way to recover it?
There is no way to recover your password. It is not stored anywhere, not even on your device, not even in memory while The Vault is running. There are no tricks, no back doors, no way out. If you forget your password you are in the same place as anyone else trying to get access to your data: no chance.

If you encounter any kind of trouble using The Vault, you can contact support at the below email address.
Before you do so, we kindly ask that you take these steps first:

Step 1
Please check that you are running the most recent version of The Vault: open the AppStore application on your device and check under Updates if there are any updates for The Vault. If there are none, you are running the most recent version.

Step 2
Please read the above FAQ and consult the in-app Help Documentation (or download it here) - it describes The Vault's features and settings in detail.
Also please see the Troubleshooting Guide.

Step 3
Please do a cold reboot of your device and see if the problem persists.
You can cold boot your device by holding the home and power button until the device turns off by itself, ignoring the "Slide to power off" message.

Contact Us
If you have gone through the above two steps and still encounter trouble, do not hesitate to contact us at: Support |at| thevault-app |dot| com (replace the |at| and |dot| with @ and .)

Important: backup your data before installing updates or upgrading to a new iOS version.