The Vault

Secure Document & Data Storage

Security for everyone
As simple as writing it down

Do you...
... have trouble remembering tens or hundreds of online passwords?
... write passwords down somewhere, even though you know this is not the safest thing to do?
... sometimes wish you had a photo of a creditcard, passport or other document handy?
... want to securely store other confidential information, photos, GIFs, office documents, you name it?
... want all this to be secure, but still very simple to use?

Then The Vault is for you!

The Vault makes it easy to securely store all your passwords, login credentials and any other confidential information.

Freedom to store any kind of data - no fixed formats!

The freedom of free text is what sets The Vault apart.
No cumbersome, fixed format entry fields, just enter some text!

You're storing it for you! Just type what you want to remember.
Whether it's a password, a credit card number or the names of your friend's kids, you'll know what it means when you look it up!

For all your devices

A truly universal app, that runs on your iPhone,
iPad and iPod Touch, as well as on your Mac!

We deeply care about security.

Underneath the friendly exterior, we built code that protects your data with the strongest encryption available. The Vault uses PBKDF2 key derivation with an HMAC-SHA512 PRF, and HMAC-SHA256 Encrypt-then-MAC authenticated 256-bit AES encryption, using CommonCrypto functionality only. All cipher and MAC worker keys, as well as all salts and IVs, are purely random data, generated by SecRandomCopyBytes. Keys and IVs are never reused. Each singular piece of data in the app is encrypted with a unique random encryption key, and authenticated with a unique random HMAC key.
Your Master Passcode is never stored; and neither are the derived cipher keys.

For the technically interested: please find detailed information about The Vault's encryption core here.

Have your confidential data at hand, whenever you need it, on all your devices.
Securely keeps your Vault in sync. Edit a Note on your Mac, and access the new password on your iPhone. Effortlessly syncs even large photos and documents - securely!

Full support for Mojave Darkmode - Password Recipes with cryptographically proper password randomization - Advanced settings for advanced users: many properties are configurable to tweak
The Vault's behaviour to your liking.

The 7.0 release brought the same features, the same workflow - with increased efficiency.
A new Action Menu, Hardware keyboard support, Shortcut keys, Preferences Index, Password Recipes, and last but not least, the ability to browse SecureBackup bundles to selectively restore one or more lost Notes while keeping your active database untouched!

Password AutoFill

The Vault can automatically log you in, to any website or app!
When you open a website or app, The Vault will open and - after confirming it's you using TouchID or FaceID -
will fill out the website's username and password textfields for you, using the crendentials stored in your Vault!

Principles we obey.

The Vault never stores unencrypted data - ever.

The Vault never stores your master passcode. Not even on your own device.

There are several Special Folders that are managed by the app, but The Vault never touches (edits or moves) your own Folders and Notes.

BestApps, the company behind The Vault, never has access to your encrypted data: your data is stored on your device - only. Your encrypted data is never transfered to our server. It is never stored in the cloud (unless you do so yourself, and even then it is stored in your cloud account, inaccessible to anyone but you).

We hate ads, banners and other commercials. The Vault will always be free of those.


Click here to download the full text of the in-app Help Documentation as a PDF.
If you have read the FAQ from the Help Documentation and still have a question, do not hesitate to
contact us at: Support |at| thevault-app |dot| com (replace the |at| and |dot| with @ and .)

Important: backup your data before installing updates or upgrading to a new iOS version.

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