The Vault - Feature Set

Simple and intuitive: Each piece of confidential information is stored as one textual entry, called a “Note"

You can have an unlimited number of Notes

Notes can be organized into (an unlimited number of) Folders

No cumbersome fixed data-entry fields: straightforward free-text only!

Content is recognized and text becomes interactive on-the-fly

Smart-Copy paste for quickly copy-pasting Credit Card Numbers, registration codes, etc without spaces and dashes, or other separators

Strong Encryption:

Encrypt-then-MAC authenticated 256-bit AES encryption

We have open-sourced The Vault's encryption core and published it online in human-readable pseudocode on our website

Supports changing MasterPasscode after database has been created


Biometry: supports FaceID and TouchID. Also on Mac

Duress-protection for biometricID users: If you are under duress, shake your device or quickly hit Cancel instead to completely disable biometric access to The Vault. From this point on it is technically *impossible* to access your Vault without first manually entering your passcode

Force-lock: immediately lock your Vault using the Power button, bypassing the passcode delay

Password AutoFill:

Securely log in to any website or app using the credentials from your Vault

No more manually entering usernames and passwords: The Vault automatically fills it out for you!

Rich Text Formatting: brings structure and clarity to your Notes: while most entries are short bits of plain text, they may be longer (as long as you like) and benefit from headers and subtitles. Besides, also short Notes just look prettier with a bold title and emphasized key points

Optional Read-only mode for easy looking up of existing Notes - preventing accidental edits. Can be changed to 'editing' on-the-fly

Basic support for Right-To-Left languages

Full Text Search

Quickly find what you need: open the app and immediately start a full text search across all Notes in all Folders

Search results are dynamically sorted. By relevance first, then alphabetically

Can also search within a Folder

Can also search the full text of an open Note, highlighting search hits

Hidden Folders:

Completely and untraceably hide the existence of selected Folders (or groups of Folders) and their Notes

Automatically rehidden when you exit or background the app

Can also tap to force-rehide a temporarily revealed Hidden Folder

Most-recently-edited-Notes Folder

Quickly access the Notes you edited last

See which Notes were added or updated from another device after a SecureSync

Properly randomized passwords

Specify length and optional dashes, pronounceability, etc.

Define a password recipe or pick from a set of predefined recipes

Automatically inserts new passwords when creating a Note - when appropriate, and using your recipe

AutoSave: your changes are automatically saved while you are editing your Notes so that you never lose information, even when you are for example interrupted by a phone call; or when you pocket your device without closing the app

Undo: a feature that works alongside AutoSave: even though all your changes are automatically saved, you can still undo the saved changes and revert your Note to the state it was in when you opened it

Clear Clipboard:

Prevents sensitive data from being shared via iCloud and auto-erases any Vault content you may have placed on the clipboard

Optional support for Apple Universal Clipboard to share content across devices

The Vault for Mac goes one step further, and offers an Encrypted-clipboard


Secure storage of photos, screenshots, drawings, alongside the text of your Note

Import from Mail, Camera, Safari, any app

Or copy/paste images, including animated gifs, directly into The Vault

Fullscreen Gallery Mode for Notes with multiple Photos

Optionally inline SecurePhotos and -Documents, making your Note text automatically flow around them


Secure storage of PDFs and any other kind of document together with the text of your Note

Not just storage: functionality includes in-app PDF viewing, searching, printing

Correctly handles PDFs that are encrypted themselves (in addition to being encrypted by The Vault)

Office documents as well: storage and in-app viewing of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Pages, KeyNote, Numbers, etc.
(.ppt and pptx, .doc and docx .xls and xlsx, .rtf and rtfd, .txt, .key, .pages, .numbers)

In-App Document Scanner:

Quickly make high-quality scans of documents and credit cards

Better than just taking a picture: creates straightened-out digitized documents

Supports creation of both full color and black-and-white documents

Animated GIFs:

Securely store *and* view animated GIFs right from within The Vault

Both live on-Note animation, as well as fullscreen

In-App Web Browser: open websites without leaving the app, and seamlessly access login credentials and other confidential info on your Note, while browsing the web


*Securely* keep The Vault on all your devices in sync

Works across any number of iOS devices and any number of Macs

Delete SecureSync data from devices that have not synced in a long time, or even *today* (to purge the SecureSync cache from a stolen or lost device)

HotContent: the heart of The Vault, turns your plain text into actionable HotContent

Automatically recognizes, passwords, keys, ID-codes, usernames, login credentials, credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, IBANs, phone numbers, etc. etc.

Sensitive HotContent is automatically hidden so that even someone watching over your shoulder when you open a Note will not be able to learn your secrets

Tap HotContent, for example a password, to be able to log in, without ever revealing it

Optional partial hiding for credit cards to reveal the last 4 digits

Smart-Copy paste for quickly copy-pasting Credit Card Numbers, registration codes etc without spaces and dashes


Comes with a curated set of templates, to quickly create Username/Password Notes, Credit Card Notes etc

Auto fills email address and password fields

Auto-positions your cursor for immediate text input

See it in action here:

Very easy to create and setup user-defined templates

Automatic SecureBackup:

Automatically keeps weekly, monthly and yearly secure backups of the data in your Vault.

Send & Receive SecureBackup bundles directly to and from iCloudDrive/the

Send & Receive SecureBackup bundles directly to and from Dropbox / Email / iTunes etc.

Selective Restore: Deleted a Note by accident? You can browse a previously created SecureBackup Bundle and selectively restore one or more Notes or Folders - on-the-fly! Leaving your actual Vault untouched and running

InterNote links: links Notes to each other based on content, using webbrowser-type links that you define. Suppose as a user you are browsing your ' Note' to rent a car. The fluency achieved by being able to effortlessly jump from your 'Hertz Note' to your 'Credit Card Note', for example to make a payment, is something that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated

SecureShare: instead of for example emailing a password in plain text, use The Vault to send it securely

Share the contents of a Note with any other Vault user, simply by Email, WhatsApp, SMS etc.

Sharing is as easy as choosing a one-time password and tapping share

Can set an expiration time for your SecureShare, from minutes to weeks

Can even send SecurePhotos and Documents along with your SecureShare

Fast Favourites : Always-on keyboard shortcuts that let you login to your most-used accounts and apps using a single key-press.

Any content from your Vault can be bound to keyboard shortcut of your choice for immediate, lightning-fast access anywhere

Optionally without even having to enter your passcode

Alternatively - and almost as fast - with a TouchID confirmation

Import: takes a comma- or tab-separated text file (created in Numbers or Excel, or output by a different password app)

Creates one Note for ease line in your input file

Makes migration a matter of minutes, instead of endless hours copying content (along with the numerous mistake we humans tend to make when doing tedious, repetitive tasks)

Export: whatever happens, you will *always* be able to retrieve your data from The Vault. The Export feature decrypts all your Notes and files and outputs:

a single, human-readable, file with the contents of all Notes in your Vault. For example for physical storage (in a safe place, such as in a safe, or at a notary)

a zip archive that conveniently bundles all your SecurePhotos in a single file

another zip archive that conveniently bundles all your SecurePDFs

another zip archive that conveniently bundles all your other SecureDocuments

a .csv formatted file for import into other password apps, or opened in Numbers, Excel etc.

App Extension: the app comes with an app extension that integrates with the system-wide share feature.

Directly edit photos from your camera roll without having to log in

...annotate, filter, blur, curves, effects, crop, etc.

...then either securely store it in The Vault, or write it back to your camera roll

Preview PDFs from any source, without having to log in to The Vault.

Directly create a new Note from a website opened in Safari

Search The Vault for selected text or for credentials of an open website

In-App Preferences: our philosophy is that the app should be as simple as possible to use, and is only extended with precisely those features that *you* need. In addition to adding desired functionality, the in-app preferences page has *many* settings, allowing you to tweak the app to your liking. For example: Want to start with the keyboard up when opening the app? Flip the switch. For example: don't like auto-correct? Flip the switch. Need a longer or shorter passcode delay? Flip the switch, etc.

How-To-Use documentation: fully functional in-app documentation, demonstrating all features of the app in action - interactively, so you can test and get a feel, and really understand how something is done for yourself

One more thing...

QuickNote: A perfect companion to The Vault! An app-within-an-app. Created because sometimes you just want to write something down *now*. A thought, an email-address, a phone number, anything. You want: tap -> write. No delay. QuickNote gives you just that: tap -> write. No logging in, just tap and start typing

3D Touch the app icon (iOS) or press ^⌘N (Mac) and start typing

QuickNotes are automatically saved

Supports bullets and indentation, quickly building lists - on-the-fly - while you type

Supports Checkboxes as well, in case yours is a ToDo list

Best of all: QuickNotes are automatically synced across all iOS devices and Macs: jot down an email-address on your phone; use it on your Mac when you get home later. No configuration needed. It just works

Too good to be true? 😉 Try me!

1 - Download for free here
2 - Choose a password

3 - and play around with all of the above features without paying a cent